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MacObsession 18th September 2018 23:29

Do You Want Me
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Hier de eerste final, er komt een tweede met een extensie van de omgeving :)
VRAY doet bijzonder moeilijk om een perfecte omgeving te belichten voor mij.

.IES lampen die aangaan in test scene, maar met shader opeens verdwijnen.
schaduwen van lichten die verdwijnen enz.... Maar dat zal allemaal aan mijn skills liggen, maarja... try & error zeker :)

Dus weer lang aangezeten, tot ik mijn camera angle draaide, GOE BEZIG :)

Render time: 6 uur :rofl: beter dan 30uur :)

Ps: geen post-work -> recht uit Cinema :)


Cinemike 19th September 2018 01:32

I like lighting, pose and camera angle. It might be nice to see some highlights in her eyes.
The skin material, though, looks too much like porcelain to me. I am also not sure what material her skirt was made of. The other materials are fine.


MacObsession 19th September 2018 16:10

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The skin, is always problem :dash2:

Its very depending how much light is on here. If i lower the settings she looks doll. Before i begin, i do not now where the lights are coming, i only have a thought that chance a lot, i cannot choose sometimes :dash2:

i show you a previous face with the same texture. The problem now, the dark wood stay very dark, end hate to make fake lights. So, i make a hole in the roof end place a huge light to bring somewhat light in the corner. You can see this on here arm (the white stripe). The .IES light is not working???? 5 lights (10000 lumen ore more, but nothing to show ???? Without texture end a blank scene, the pop up. Strange, maybe blocking the camera or sun this (effect). I like the skin, its maybe to extreem, but the skin has 1000 colors en light is very effecting this out come. The white stripe is fine, but needs to be softened. Here eyes have lots of sparkling, but here hair is blocking this light :dash2: But i write down you comments en very appreciating you comments! I go to work to try fine-tuning this on this scene or the next one, same room different angle en more hot stuff
:yes: THX

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