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JoshuaBastiaans 5th February 2020 09:20

White grid of dots
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I was making a landscape/forest ish scene but when I tried to render it out it gave me this white grid of dots. I don't think I did this deliberately. So if you know how to disable this please help. I'm creating the scene with forester and rendering with octane.

Petertje 5th February 2020 13:54

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Kan het soms zijn dat je "Atom Array" hebt gebruikt? (zie plaatje).

Wes 6th February 2020 20:09

When objects don't show up in Octane it often works when you put a Octane tag on the object in the object manager, I only used Forester with Octane once and remember they didn't work well together. I believe I had to expand the Forester objects to actual geometry in the end..

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