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pzdm 19th June 2012 16:15

a bike of my son, first final shots
1 Attachment(s)
here is the first, others will come soon


Click image
Attachment 7668

Rich_Art 19th June 2012 16:26

Really really cool Pave... That is a marvelous result..

Rich_Art. :v:

Rich_Art 19th June 2012 16:31

Added the the Best of the Best Gallery...And thus to the frontpage Gallery as well.

Rich_Art. :v:

Timmer 19th June 2012 18:39

This is jaw-dropping-beautifull Pavel, i am speechless!

GrtZ, Tim

pzdm 19th June 2012 23:31

other shots
other shots



pzdm 19th June 2012 23:39

and other onehttp://www.3dsoftware.cz/shared/dropbox/67781_04.jpg

Dakke 19th June 2012 23:49

amazing work :-o

Roger 20th June 2012 08:58

heel mooi gemaakt :)

Rich_Art 20th June 2012 09:05

Nice one Pavel. But from you I don't expect anything else.. :-) :-)

Rich_Art. :v:

Leopard1975 20th June 2012 09:05

As usually... :-P

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