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Default A new v3 beta (version Sep-1-2012)

A new v3 beta (version Sep-1-2012) is now available for download here: , also linked to from the download page on the main web site.

New stuff:

Updated Solids++ geometry library to latest version, includes various bug fixes but please also be on the lookout for any regressions (things that used to work previously but don't anymore after the update).

For Mac OSX this version should now work ok on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, please let me know if you still see any issues there.

Updated Network command - fixed a bug that was causing Network results to be extra lumpy in certain circumstances, the fix should give better quality surfaces. There is also a new "Mode" option that you can adjust to modify the fitting behavior.
Mode = "Normal" fits the boundary curves by the regular fitting tolerance. This makes the resulting surface hug the shape of the boundary curves accurately enough so that it can be joined to other things built off of those same curves.
Mode = "Lighter" makes the surface fit to a looser tolerance, making a lighter surface but that adheres less to the boundary curves.
Mode = "Custom" - allows you to enter in a numeric tolerance value of your own choosing.
Mode = "Uniform" - allows you to enter in a number of points - each section of the Network is fit with that number of control points per region rather than refining things adaptively to meet a distance tolerance like the other modes.
You can use one of the other modes than "Normal" if you want to output a less constrained and lighter surface at the expense of it not hugging as tightly to the boundary curves. So one thing to note if you use Network is that there is now an additional stage to the command where you can set the mode, and the command will not complete until you push "Done" or right click on that new additional step.

Updated curve fitting - the Rebuild command can now often generate a fit to the same accuracy as before but with fewer (often about half as many) control points used. The "Delete input objects" checkbox is now turned on by default for Rebuild.

Fixed a bug with Boolean Union when some open surfaces were used as part of the boolean, where in some circumstances it would not recognize and remove "interior cell walls" between 2 solid regions. This fixes the bug reported on the forum here:

Updated Alt so holding Alt will also suppress the "Closed" snap when drawing a curve or polyline same as it suppresses other snaps. Reported on the forum here:

Fixed file handling on Mac OSX so that any of the characters: " * <> ? | can be used ok in a file or directory name now - previously a file name with any of those characters would not work properly, which was a side effect of them being illegal filename characters in Windows.

Please let me know if you see anything behaving odd, it would not be too surprising to have some tweaks needed after some geometry library churn.

- Michael

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