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Old 4th March 2010
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Default Free starfield plugin

Hoi Allemaal,

Welter heeft zijn free plugin range uitgebreid met een starfield shader.

This is a shader plugin to render star field backgrounds for space scenes. It is similar to the buildin starfield shader but with a lot of options.

Basic usage: The maximum diameter of the stars is set as pixels in screen space. The distance between the stars is set by the UV-Spacing parameter. That means the distance is measured in UV space. You will need to adjust this spacing when you change your mapping parameters. Furthermore the shader cannot handle arbitrarily large stars. Their diameter may not exceed the spacing in between them. Keep in mind though that the respective parameters are measured in different spaces.
There are channels for auxiliary shaders to determine the spatial density distribution of stars (Density Map), and their brightness distribution (Intensity Map). In addition the brightness can be controlled by probability distribution functions (Intensity PDF/Dark Intensity PDF) which determine the probability that a star has a certain brightness. The Dark Intensity PDF is used when an spatial intensity map is set. The final brightness is interpolated between the values picked from the Intensity/Dark Intensity PDFs. Analogously you can set a probability distribution for the star size. Link Size to Intensity means that bright stars are also large and vice versa.

Voor meer informatie verwijs ik je naar zijn site,


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