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Old 7th January 2021
pgrooff pgrooff is offline
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Default Challenge !! Fresh Start of 2021

We start this new 2021 year with a challenge with which you can win great prices!

Description assignment:
Create a terrain / landscape without using terrain / landscape plugins, just standard Cinema 4D.

The contest starts on Monday January 11, 2021 and runs until Monday February 15, 2021.
The challenge is open for everybody.

All modeling must be done in C4D. The use of plugins is allowed, except of course terrain / landscape plugins. The use of external renderengines like Vray, Mental Ray for example is also allowed. The use of Photoshop (or similar) is allowed as well.
Everything must be modeled by yourself. No downloaded models. Use of external textures is allowed (eg downloaded from a texture site).
If you use models which are made prior to this challenge, you will be disqualified.
The size of the Final Image must be minimal 800X800 and maximum 1920X1920.
You can only participate if you open a topic in this forum. Give this topic the following name. "Fresh Start of 2021 Challenge – Your forum name".
You must post at least 1 Wip. Please post as many wips as you can. This way we can follow your modeling progress and it will also help to keep this challenge interesting for all of us.

Finals must be posted in the FINALS topic, this must include a wireframe/cell render of your image. (Hypernurbs must be turned off)
Remote hosting of images is not allowed and will be removed by one of the admins. Use the attachment facility of this forum to upload images.
Everybody may enter as many projects he/she likes. If you enter with more than 1 image/scene, please open a new topic for every scene. Although we think that 1 good entry is better than 2 lesser entries.

In the case of debate / confusion, the jury has the last word
The jury consist out of Frank from terraform4d.com and JW from thegreatsummit.com

Sorry, due to the lack of participants, the challenge will be a challenge without any prices (just the hall of fame).

– One license for the Terraform4D plugin from Terraform4D.com
Terraform4D brings art directable terrains to Cinema 4D, allowing you to generate terrains of almost any complexity with its intuitive operator system.

Build terrains layer by layer from noises, shaders, textures, splines and gradients! Take advantage of the many available blend modes, and constrain operators using masks. Shape your terrains with a range of filters, and shade them with the help of Terraform4D's operator shader!

For more information about Terraform4D please visit the site.

– One license for the Q-Softpatch Plugin | the “1-click endless surface” plugin from 3dtools.info
Softpatch is a great tool to remove repetitions in for example landscapes.
Please see https://3dtools.info/tilepro for more detailed information.

– One license for the TGS Texture Manager plugin from thegreatsummit.com
TGS Texture manager is a PBR Texture library in which you can store all your textures and import them with a single click. There is support for all mayor render engines and it will automatically create all texture maps for your material.

We think many of us have gathered a pretty big collection of high res. textures that we use everyday to create our work. This plugin will help you organize all these beautiful textures and also helps import and previewing them.

There is automatic import support for all texture store platforms, like: RDTextures, Poliigon, Quixel Megascans, GreyScaleGorilla, CGAxis and many many more.

– Credits for Drop & Render, the Cinema 4D render-farm
Drop & Render is a Dutch render farm specially build for Cinema 4D. We are trying to make to most intuitive and easy to use render farm for all 3D creatives. An in-app plugin helps you submit your project in a single click and there is support for all major render engines and plugins. Our system will even check your plugin versions and we re-build your C4D configuration on our farm. Pretty neat right? Create an account and try it yourself, you will get some free credits to start
For more information, please see https://www.dropandrender.com/

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Old 15th January 2021
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Admin Team
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Succes iedereen!

CINEMA4D R19 Visualize + SplinePatch + SurfaceSPREAD
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Old 19th January 2021
Rich_Art Rich_Art is offline
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Cool een nieuwe challenge. Grappig om te zien dat het hier nog steeds draait.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
pgrooff pgrooff is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
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Sorry, due to the lack of participants, the challenge will be a challenge without any prices (just the hall of fame).
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
Demis Demis is offline
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I think most will submit their work near the end.
There was no dead line for submitting participation, only the final work.

That's what happens usually at CGTalk. I think most people do that to prevent someone else from coping their idea early on and submitting a slightly altered but better depiction. Not all participants are the same ... Some have a good concept but lack the ability to bring it to life, some have the opposite problem and some have both the talent and technical knowledge but are lack the equipment and hardware.

There is still plenty of time till the end of the challenge.
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