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Old 13th March 2012
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Default Review: Vertex Pusher Training series, new release vol 5


The Vertex Pusher learning series is a C4D training course made by Hrvoje Srdelic. Also known as HSrdelic on C4DCafe where he is one of the admins.
Hrvoje has more than 15 years experience and is a Maxon Cinema4D Beta tester.
The vertex Pusher series is a comprehensive series which consist of 7 lengthy volumes at the moment of this review/overview.
This series is divided in,
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Master

The whole course/volumes are only available as download. No problem as the download speed is more than ok. After you've paid via the most common methods eg visa, mastercard etc you will receive an e-mail wit your login credentials.
After you've logged in you can see under "my profile" the volumes you bought. Just clik and you see a couple of sub downloads which containing the lessons.

As you can see there are bonus lessons and bonus goodies as well.

Content of the Volumes:

Every volume has a long list of mp4 files and is a must to view. Hrvoje explains every step every option carefully.
More than other tutorials I followed, Hrvoje also explains why to do something in a certain way and perhaps even more important why not.
The older readers perhaps will remember Bob Ross. He was a painter who showed how to paint landscapes etc. This was a TV series back in the '80 and 90'.
When I watch and listen to Hrvoje I have the same feeling. It is just a nice, calm and steady flow of information.

Vol.1 Introduction and modeling

This tutorial is designed to get you inside Cinema 4D quickly from scratch, it is for both beginners and advanced users.

It covers every aspect of modeling you will need, and it gives numerous tips about workflows.
After watching there will be no more questions on how Cinema 4D operates, or how do I model this or that?
You will feel at home in Cinema 4D and be able to know exactly how to model certain tasks.
Even most complex objects and forms, like human head will not present a problem.

Some videos are lengthy and are designed specifically to address solving problems.
Lesson 15 is more than 2 hours long and tackles various modeling problems.

Tutorial set is very comprehensive and total lesson time is 9 hours

Vol.2 Lighting, shading and rendering:

You don't know how to create really good shaders? Have problems with lighting? cant pull that nice realistic render? Global illumination, ambient occlusion, caustics, channels, SSS, UVW projections, too many settings? Which value should I put here? what is this? what are this samples? and so on...so many questions did not have answers until now.
Find out in this great 10 hour in depth training, which leaves no questions unanswered, how to set up and calibrate your scenes, how to light them properly and create really good materials, understand all material channels and effects, learn how to render, optimize, tweak and understand all those settings and master Cinema 4D in lighting shading and rendering. This training is for both beginners and advanced users, and can be watched as a single training, however, watching vol.1 is highly recommended due to heavy usage of acquired knowledge from that training. Tutorial set is very comprehensive and total lesson time is 10 hours.

Vol.3 Rigging, Xpresso and scripting:

Find out with this unique, mind blowing training how to rig your characters, create setups with Xpresso and learn how to use scripting the easy way. This training is packed with valuable information and will open your eyes to an amazing toolset that lies inside Cinema 4D.
You will learn how to build your rigs with complex setups involving xpresso and scripting from scratch, along with numerous workflow tips, including advice from seasoned professional.

This training is for medium and advanced users, and can be watched as a single training, however, watching Vol.1 and Vol.2 is highly recommended due to heavy usage of acquired knowledge from those trainings.

Tutorial set is very comprehensive and total lesson time is close to 9 hours.

Vol.4 Mograph Demystified

Mograph is king of motion graphics, but I bet you did not know that with Mograph you can create far more than you might think. Prepare to be amazed by te possibilities it offers, and explore Mograph as a platform for expressing creativity and also, as a concept, visualization, sound, animation and technical developing tool. In this training you will explore Mograph in depth and use it's unparalleled power and flexibility to create stunning effects and setups. After completing this unique training you will master the knowledge to use Mograph in full on your own projects. Here is a short video of what is inside:

Tutorial set is very comprehensive and total lesson time is over 7 hours.


Project 1 Realistic human modeling:

How to model a head? an ear? lips? hand? maybe leg or two? have lots of triangles and messy geometry? Don't know how to start and you constantly run into problems and can't really get into character modeling? Here is your solution.

Gain insight in high end workflows and techniques in this fantastic training. The training is project based in depth modeling course of a complete female character from scratch, that is built for rigging and animation purposes. Training can be followed independently of other trainings we offer however Vol.1 should be watched to be able to follow with ease. You can expect high-end modeling techniques including fantastic quad solving, topology guidance, upscaling/downscaling, detailing, referencing, golden ratio structuring and much more.

Tutorial set is very comprehensive and total lesson time is close to 8,5 hours.

Project 2 Realistic human rigging:

In this training we will tackle one of the most difficult tasks imaginable - rigging a realistic human from scratch with accessories. We will start by creating joints, then proceed with various setups for automated behavior and natural appearance of the character.

We will create the final result with multitude of tools inside Cinema4D ranging from IK/FK, SplineIK, Constrains, Posemorph, weighting, mirroring, Mograph, deformers and Vertex maps to advanced setups made by Effectors, Tracers, Xpresso and Coffee. In the training we will create custom controllers and interface for our specific needs, and also both cloth and hair for our character and combine that into fully functional rig.

You can expect sea of information and useful tips and tricks, with fantastic problem solving, and the amount of tools and techniques used is simply overwhelming and cant fit into this brief description.

Tutorial set is very comprehensive and total lesson time is 7 hours.

Project 3 Mastering Visualizations:

In this training you will learn how to produce 3 different interior architectural visualizations from scratch by using Cinema's new Physical render engine. Through the course you will learn various methods of how to light the scenes, create realistic materials, optimize, adjust render settings and finish with minimal post production in Photoshop or any other image editor. Gain insight into new physical render engine, Indirect Illumination, new SSS, coating and blurring techniques, quick material setup and fast preview methods, texturing and many valuable tips and tricks to produce your images in fast and efficient manner. Minimal post production was done with Photoshop, but in the manner where complete newbie can follow without a problem even in different image editor

Free content:

With every volume you get some free models as well,
  • Chronograph Vertex Pusher
  • Nikon D90 Camera
  • Female
  • Aston Martin DBS
  • Laptop
  • Project 2 Female
  • VP material test scene
I did not tested them so I can't say anything about those models.
As they're from Hrvoje I would not hesitate to download them.


Even I did not watched all the lessons (yet) I highly can recommend these Vertex-Pusher volumes.
Everybody who want to learn more from Cinema4D should have take a look at these volumes.
One thing I do have to say is, some of the earlier volumes are recorded in a too high resolution. I have 1600X900 screen but the vid fits no way near my resolution.
I have to downscale the vid to see everything or use a much bigger separate screen. The downside of downscaling is the quality. It is harder to see without sharp text and icons. For me no problem because I know my way round with C4D but for a beginner it is wise to take a bigger screen. Also the sound quality of the first volume is less than the later volumes. don't be afraid, the sound is still ok and good to follow.
Hrvoje listening very well to his customers and he adapted the record size and sound quality. The later volumes are a joy to watch and in a good sound and screen quality.

One thing I would recommend Hrvoje myself is to use the standard layout when recording tutorials.
It is for the viewer less confusing when you use the standard layout and have to open the correct menus to select a tool.

For just €29 per volume you get a good and well thought course.
With the beginner, Intermediate and Advanced volumes you get a few bonus lessons as well.
There are also 3 Bundles for sale. These bundles contains a couple of volumes and is cheaper than when you buy them separate.
There is even an all in one bundle for just €149.

There also is a new volume in development. I don't know when it will be finished but I will keep you informed.
This new volume will take you trough the wonders of Animation and is called "Mastering movement".
The training will cover Animation, Character builder and template system, Cmotion, NLA, motion clips, component tag, parametric and manual walkcycles, motion capturing/retargeting, some light python for beginners and much more all in great depth.
Aside to that, it will also contain animation "crash course" for beginners that explains all about timeline, powerslider, F-curves etc. so they can follow the training easily.

To end this review I just say,

When you buy a volume you won't regret it.


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Old 13th March 2012
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Dat klinkt niet verkeerd! Ik zal eens een kijkje nemen...
Every artist was first an amateur.
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Old 13th March 2012
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nice I like it
The real world has a fairly outdated graphics but a damn good sound
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Old 13th March 2012
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The best tutorials I ever found.

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Old 20th March 2012
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I have them all (except volume 3, because I mostly use vray today) and they are really great. I also like that he is updating them from time to time for free. Well worth the prize.
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Old 27th March 2012
Rich_Art Rich_Art is offline
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Default Vertex Pusher Vol.5 Released!

Hi folks

I am very proud to announce Vertex Pusher Volume 5 - Mastering movement.

In this comprehensive, in depth training volume we will explore all aspects of animation and new CA/TD tools in Cinema 4D. From Animation crash course, Character builder and sophisticated Cmotion, to NLA, motion clips, motion capturing and retargeting, all the way to creating reusable assets with component tag and building manual walkcycle. What is also covered is expansion of possibilites for all aspects of Cinema 4D through parametric action access, geometry creation through Mograph generators, mechanical setups, Advanced Cmotion and much more.

Here is a short teaser of what's inside:


Here is the lesson outline:

02.Animation crash course
03.Character builder
04.Character builder 2
06.Cmotion 2
07.Cmotion female
08.Cmotion female 2
09.Cmotion Advanced
10.Motion system_NLA_Clips
13.Component tag

Duration is 7 hours

- link -

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