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MacObsession 5th June 2019 18:19

Motion blur....

Een vraag betreft motion blur, kan je bv een paardemolen laten rond draaien, en het gekozen camera frame scherp hebben?

Heb alles gevonden, maar alles is wazig.... als ik natuurlijk het paard waar mevrouw opzit met mevrouw zelf uit de TAG haal, is dit scherp, maar niet zo natuurlijk :(


Cinemike 5th June 2019 21:44

Google translate wasn't very clear about your question (it reads: "A question concerns motion blur, can you, for example, run a horse mill, and have the chosen camera frame sharp? Found everything, but everything is blurry .... if of course I take the horse on which Mrs. sits with Mrs. herself out of the TAG, this is sharp, but not so natural"), so I am not sure if I am answering to your issue at all, but if I wanted a certain object sharp in a motion blur frame, I make sure the camera is exactly looking at it all the time, so the motion blur happens everywhere but does not influence my object too much.

It's what you would do with a real camera, too: you'd follow the object with it and press the trigger during that process. You can't avoid blurriness totally for obvious reasons: everything in the object you are tracking keeps moving, the legs of the horse, the ti..., well, the belly of the rider and their hair), but that's the most natural you will get.

Michael (hoping not to have strayed away too far from your original question)

MacObsession 6th June 2019 08:56


Thx for the reply, i thought it was the case but not :(

I find a tutorial, that gives me the settings... but everything is out of focus.
I try to write what i do:

I make a horse mill, lets it turn around 60 frames. On frame 30 comes my shot.
The camera is fixed, not moving. I set aperture to F2.8 / 250 ISO / Shutter 30. With vray motion tag. I get my motion, I get the lighting tripes, but my model is blurry 6 faces overlapping. If i checked crosshair to find the exact middle point, her waisted is less blurry, but still out of focus.

Maybe i must animated the camera to? Left to Right motion? But at what speed?
Can i send you the scene? Its without texture en light, to get it speedy :) Render is below 3min. It is in real life possible, i find an image off it :)

How can i do this as a separate pass? So i can edited in PS.


Cinemike 6th June 2019 19:34

Do you actually focus and target your camera on the very object you want to have sharp at all times? Like with a target tag and the object entered in the focus object slot of the camera? It must follow the object's position all the time, just like you wanted to shoot a photo of a racecar and you follow its motion with your camera and even follow it whilst taking the photo.

Cinemike 6th June 2019 19:49

2 Attachment(s)
Just tried it myself, need to investigate what's going on.

Seems to be working. How nice it would have been to have the film offset settings with my old camera!

MacObsession 6th June 2019 22:59


THX, must the centerpoint off the camera be at her face? Me center point is at here waist :) But i love my angle now :)

Cinemike 7th June 2019 00:25

If you want the face the sharpest, target her face but move the film offsets until you like the image composition (hip center, for example).

MacObsession 7th June 2019 01:18

First attempt fail :dash2:

Strange things.

I post a still only with DOF, l like the one without textures, its stunning :yes:

Cinemike 7th June 2019 15:49

I got another idea: place the camera as a child of the moving object (the lady), so it does not change its position during the animation. Should prevent blurring her.

It's like mounting a stationary camera upon the carousal.

Cinemike 7th June 2019 21:16

3 Attachment(s)
In the attached scene, you have 2 cameras.

MB1 follows the object from the outside and only gets the target object sharp. With film offset x and y you can get the composition like you want it.

Picking MB2, which is mounted upon the carousal itself, has everything moving around sharp, the environment gets blurred only.

I think MB1 shoud do exactly what you want.


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