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MacObsession 4th October 2019 01:18

Fire Escape

I am searching for measurements of the typical fire escape scenes with the balcony.
I think the room between the floors is about 3m ? end the angle is 60. But cannot find any size off the ladder Height, width end depth.

We can help, it's crucial for building the scene?


Cinemike 4th October 2019 21:03

I usually try Google image search to find stuff like that https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-ill...-image54510337 and collect as much information as possible (or/and use these images as background images for modeling).


MacObsession 16th January 2020 23:58

1 Attachment(s)

I finally started with the scene, lots of work to be done :)
Love the lightning, at last after fifty tries :)


bijkanguru 17th January 2020 07:26

like the lights, stairs look a bit frail (but knowing you, probably correct :) )

Someone on the forum makes (made?) lot of nice neon like letters but can't find him at the moment.

Cinemike 18th January 2020 00:28

I am curious how things will progress. I like the start.

MacObsession 19th January 2020 00:23

1 Attachment(s)

Charlot is entering the building in a nice bodysuit. Ready to go out...
Here apartment is still in construction phase :)

Render time +/- 50min so very happy

Here skin is already reduced in glossiness for the next render.


bijkanguru 19th January 2020 07:04


Originally Posted by MacObsession (Post 58637)
Here apartment is still in construction phase :)

Explains a lot, front door blocked :)

MacObsession 19th January 2020 10:14

1 Attachment(s)
building an extra light source on here terrace :yes:

MacObsession 19th January 2020 22:03

2 Attachment(s)
final render, this is just the viewport quality. I make later a new pose for here :dash2: I think that final render time is 30 hours, for A3. Reason the glass of the neon en the hair :dash2:


MacObsession 27th January 2020 12:52

? Niet naar jullie smaak ? Of wachten jullie op de final ;)

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