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Dweemes 1st October 2017 10:27

Opeenvolgende beelden voor een slider.
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Hi everyone, (in english to include the divine person in the discussion)

I am testing a scene to make a sequence of renders that i can put in a slider on a website, in such a way that it looks as if you are moving along a wall when the slide moves.

Sounds simple but it is not.

I want a true perspective to make it look real. That is probably what makes it difficult.

See image in annex.

The third object form the left is not visible in image 1, or image 2
And the number 4 is not rendered in such a way that it gives you a correct picture, when you slide the 2 images. A part is missing.
Becuase it comes out of the wall. (this is the test of course)

The wall itself will be rendered perfect.

Any suggestions?

I am starting this thread as a result of the "solution" that Petertje will test for his Glow problem.
He will probably get into trouble with this, and for him it is urgent.

I can solve my problem by not putting anything on the floor or in front of the wall in the "blind spots" between the camera's.

For his "real 3D" scene, it will be not that simple...

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