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The lounge is going to start this Friday December 13th a series of weekly speed modelling challenges, where you have to model a specific object within a given time frame, according to the following rules and regulations…

1 : Sessions start every Friday 12:00 and remain basically open indefinitely, so can participate in a particular session whenever you want.

2 : There are no prizes, no winners or jury results, meaning that also mods and admins are allowed to participate.

3 : You have to model the object within the stipulated time, using your favourite techniques. You can do so in one single run, but you may also take interim breaks, it is the net modeling time that counts.

4: You can start all over again as many times as you want, it is only the fastest time that counts.

5: You may work straight from your fantasy or use examples such as blueprints; the time required for preparing you references doesn’t add to the modelling time

6 : If your cheating with the actual modelling time you are only fooling yourself, the rest of the world presumably couldn’t care less.

7: All the results of a challenge have to be posted in the same topic in which the subject is announced.

8: You post a clay render, a wireframe render and the total modelling time, eventually with one or more intermediate versions. You may also post the c4d file, but that is not an obligation.

9 : Texturing, UV mapping and/or animation are allowed, but only the modelling time is relevant for the challenge.

10 : Discussions on techniques used are strongly encouraged; these sessions should be both fun and educational.
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